Without team permission over who sees the information and the goal of gathering it, you will not get the truth as the teams sees it. Questions frequently came up about who would see the information and how it would be used. We agreed on limiting access to collected information to the team, allowing only selected sharing of more general information—with the team’s permission—with their agile manager that they trusted.

  • Unify and enable teams at all levels across the organization to envision and deliver great software.
  • We agreed on limiting access to collected information to the team, allowing only selected sharing of more general information—with the team’s permission—with their agile manager that they trusted.
  • If we end up building the same product, it doesn’t really matter whether that happens in five tasks taking four hours each, or four tasks taking five hours each.
  • Instead of saying, “I know this,” they have space to ask, “Do I know it well?
  • The lower the defect rate, the more satisfied the customer is likely to be with the product.
  • Make sure each team member knows what kinds of errors the team typically misses.

Cycle time is a subset of the lead time, which is dedicated to a single item of work. It measures the time from when work on a story has started until it is completed. Thus, it tracks the progress of a task from the backlog through the current stage to final execution . Velocity is a key Agile metric that measures how much work was completed by your team during a fixed period of time.

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The starting point for most software products is to track feature adoption. You might use products like Amplitude, Pendo, or Heap to track the events or maybe something like Segment to relay events to your data warehouse. The spike represents the team moving to a new project and the ramp-up time as they got used to the work on the new project while going through a series of organizational changes.

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[Latest] Global Digital Health Market Size/Share Worth 1.5 Trillion by 2030 at a 29.2% CAGR: Custom Market Insights (Analysis, Outlook, Leaders, Report, Trends, Forecast, Segmentation, Growth, Growth Rate, Value, Analysis, Outlook).

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It will help you become stronger as a management team and reveal improvement opportunities for how you, as a team of active servant leaders, better can enable the agile teams you support. Throughput is one of the most essential productivity metrics for your team. It measures how many items have been executed within a certain period of time, such as one Sprint. It gives you an overview of how many story points are processed within one iteration.

Autonomy is not about the freedom to do whatever people like. It is about an environment where your team has the tools and information to complete their work. The PETALS model is designed to capture feedback on a weekly basis using tools that are already part of your workflow. As an example, my teams currently use Microsoft Forms and Excel. Slack or Teams bots in a group channel could also be successful. The Team Health Check is a self-assessment process for Agile teams who want to improve the way they work together.

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Your goal may be different, though, and understanding your goal is key to building the method of measuring team health or happiness. Collecting metrics to prompt discussion for discovering impediments and improvement opportunities turned the corner for our teams. Examples of continuous improvement strategies covered in the Agile Team Health Check course include the happiness index and Scrum health check. We speak with Scrum teams on a daily basis, so we understand the difficulties that teams face in addressing problem areas and aligning toward a common goal. If you are looking for Scrum continuous improvement tools, we are here to help. By learning how to facilitate a team health check, you will be instrumental in helping your team build a growth mindset.

software development team health check

Thus, the Agile metrics can be diverse, matching the various workflows, yet following the same basic principles. If you are the one to come to the team and happily say “Guys, we have the new project! Here is the list of features” – you are the one to blame. This approach is hyper-local, meaning team members who work together are in the room. The feedback is provided, summarized, and action is determined all in an hour. And this approach opens the feedback for group transparency.

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One of the best ways to take the pulse of the health of a team is to have a regular cadence for evaluating the dimensions of health that the team, the business, and leadership feel are important. Engaging all the key stakeholders in the design of team health measures is an important first step. Start by polling representatives from roles in software development team these groups on what they believe is critical to the success of determining team health measures. Much has and will continue to be written about our modern software development, delivery, and deployment culture and approaches. The PETALS visualization can also be useful for tracking your enjoyment as an individual employee.

Ramp up your development resources to reach new business objectives. It’s the metric that calculates the number of stories completed per sprint. In Scrum, a similar metric is referred to as Sprint Velocity.

Each of these periods is treated like a mini-project with a beforehand planning, risk assessment, responsibility assignments, and post-sprint analysis. Churn diagrams show how much code was added, removed, or changed once at a time. The Net Promoter Score https://globalcloudteam.com/ is the metric that involves evaluating users’ reactions in quantitative and qualitative feedback . After the team collected and analyzed the feedback, each team member suggests a score that evaluates how much the user is likely to recommend the product .

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Zoho Sprints is a clutter-free agile tool that lets you stay ready for change and deliver great products on time. Break down your work into user stories and move what’s on top of your backlog to your next sprint to deliver incremental value. Get early feedback and ship products that customers really want. Plan your releases and track your progress with our release reports.

The whole point of the Agile methodology is that developers can always make corrections in the process after each sprint. In real-time to track their team’s progress on the current project — for this, they need to estimate the total number of sprints and predict likely time expenses. It can also be used long-term — managers can analyze reports on previous projects, pinpoint stages that failed expected timeframes, and analyze causes of delays. Join our next live product tour to see how Swarmia can help your engineering organization improve software development productivity without sacrificing culture or quality. When talking about cycle time for code, we’re talking about the time it takes for code to reach production through code reviews and other process steps.

Connect as a team, reflect on your work, and drive continuous improvement – with your remote or hybrid team. If the Product Owner is in attendance, are they focused on outputs, or are they using the stand-up as a forum for micromanaging the team? If so, that’s a problem, because an agile team needs to be self-organizing. It should be over and done with quickly, and with no need for any able-bodied person to sit down. Yet it might also be the case that the team istrying to do too much planning in the stand-up itself. It’s better to replan once the stand-up is over so others can get on with their work…or even better, to have collaborated and resolved these impediments before the stand-up even started.

software development team health check

Unless you have the atmosphere of freedom and they already informed you about this fact. Our research led us to two standout principles that we combined to create our own Team Health Checks. This process can take from 30 to 90 days in a full cycle, depending on a number of factors. Design cutting-edge software and digital experiences for America’s most admired brands with Nexient. Get your whole team engaged with icebreakers, emoji, multi-player grouping, and other playful interactions.

Similarly, if self-reported productivity is high, but external metrics tell a different story, it may be a sign of misalignment between the team’s work and business goals. We like to provide team members with their individual flowers as well as the flower representing our team’s average rating for the week. Over time, this enables us to observe trends and outliers in our individual employee and team health. From there, we can discuss the results in retrospectives and make plans to improve outcomes. Hubstaff Tasks is a visual, Agile project management software that can help your team stay on track. It allows you to set up your Agile workflows, plan and execute Sprints, and automate Stand-up meetings with ease.

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In the second sprint, an experienced ScrumMaster came in to help. The early dips represent the team getting used to a new set of norms, and the later dips were a result of changes in the program that reduced the clarity of the team’s backlog. There is no silver bullet for measuring Agile performance. If you only count one metric, it is easy to get tunnel vision. Whatever your feelings on metrics, organizations will expect them for your team.

If every individual can get better, and every team can get better, then Spreetail as a whole will be better. We ran with this traditional approach at Spreetail for a couple of years. We used questions that were tried and true measurements of engagement, and some that really spoke to Spreetail’s culture. We were moving fast and growing quickly, so we did the survey twice a year to keep a pulse on our team.

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We like to see recent velocity be within 20% of average. We also want to see a reduction in the standard deviation of the velocity over time. This metric helps teams become predictable in their estimating and sprint planning. It encourages smaller stories and more effort in getting work ready prior to the sprint. We like to see delivered points and stories to be within 10% of the commitment.


Spotify has published some of their own team health check PDFs and New Relic published their team-health assessment, but you’re free to create your own based on your unique business and culture. Finding metrics that matter to teams is not an easy task. The easiest way to make your Scrum teams productive and happy. Manage who does what and keep track of how things are going. Design your own easy-to-use Scrum boards and Kanban boards, where everything updates in realtime.

Examples of the Four Metrics in Action

And for value, we are interested in things like time to value. This metric helps teams become stable in their performance. This will encourage managing risks and dependencies ahead of the sprints, and not over committing within the sprint.